Want to start Voice...but I'm so lost with the v8?

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I cannot finish the v6 cvoice or IIUC exam by Feb 28th and I heard the exam is being completely redone.

I plan to get both CCNA/CCNP voice... but I dont want to wait around for the new study materials.

Are their any cisco press books you recommend I read in the meantime to get a running start until the new books are released? Or any tests that will stay similar from v6 to v8, so that I can start now?


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    The CVOICE 8.0 and CIPT 8.0 rough cuts are available on SafariOnlineBooks. You can also start perusing the Cisco Documentation.

    If you can find a cheap CVOICE 6.0 book and a 1760-V and a couple of IP Phones you can start trying to make the phones ring.

    There will be some new stuff for the 8.0 CIPT exams, but a lot of what you learn from the CIPT 6.0 books will still work -- so you may want to start work on your VMWare skills and build a CallManager, er Unified Communications Server or two now.

    Depending on how much free time you have, you can get a 1 month CBT Nuggets streaming video subscription and watch all the existing CCVP videos.

    Any combination of the above ideas should keep you fast busy with Voice studies until the official books get released.
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    I decided to study towards the iiuc path. You can still do the studying even though you might not be able to sit the exam. The knowledge is worth it!!
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