70-270 test in 1 month?

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If I bought a book and spent the whole month studying do you think it would be feasble to pass this exam? Right now i'm A+ and Network+ certified. Reason I ask is http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/offers/2ndshot/ that is tempting because $115 for a vouchers and get 2 shots at the exam. If used everything on this site plus a ms press book or something do you think it's feasable to pass or I just wait and study and take when I'm totally ready?


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    If you are able to spent several hours per day on it, it is very feasible, though it would be nice if you also have access to a computer running Windows XP.
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    I think it is possible. I ended up buying two books and read both of them in a week and a half then took the test and passed.
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    I think more people are thinking of taking the exam sooner because of the 2nd shot attempt. I give credit to Microsoft in trying to push their certs through this marketing attempt.

    I think it's possible to take a client OS exam like Windows XP with just a book , a pc, and some practice exams in a couple of weeks, months, etc.
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    What i'm trying to figure out if I fail the 1st test how much time I have time I have before the 2nd test expires because if I get a decent ammount of time inbetween tests it will be worth it I think because if I fail I will know my weak points.
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    This is from the Microsoft website.

    Q: What is the time frame in which I must take my first exam and the retake of that same exam?

    A: You must take the first exam between February 28 and May 31, 2005, and if you fail it, you may retake the same exam at no additional cost before June 30, 2005.
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