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I am looking at purchasing the 647 CBT nugget series, I am wondering if anyone on here has used it and can provide some feedback on it, good or bad? I am a big James Conrad fan and have enjoyed some of his other videos. I am sure I will enjoy this one too but for $299 I'd like to make sure first.

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    This thread outlines some of my experiences of studying and sitting the 647 exam: http://www.techexams.net/forums/mcts-mcitp-windows-2008-general/62207-yippee-im-mcitp-ea.html.

    I've seen the Conrad 647 video's and rate them as average. I do think Trainsignal does a better job of covering this exam. That said neither is sufficient on their own to pass this unless you have significant real world experience as the exam really does cover a lot of ground.

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    The streaming is always an option. I was able to justify it because I was taking a test every month or so. So shelling out the $199 to $299 for a single course didn't make sense.

    $199/month for unlimited usage or $1599/year ($133/month). Plus when it comes to things like the CEH course, you are stupid do do anything other than streaming. If you contact sales, they do credit you for past purchases. So if you have bought a few courses in the past, you could knock that $1599 down considerably. They also let me pay $199 for a month, and then pay the difference for the year. So I got a try it before you buy it kind of thing.

    And yes, James is awesome.
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