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This is my first post on here, although i've been visiting the site frequently :)

I was wondering - whats the structure for the 70-220 Security exam? I beleive there are 4 case studies with around 10 - 12 questions on each case study and its about 3.5/4hrs long but I was wondering - can you go back and fourth between the case study and the questions or do you have to take your time reading the case study and making relevant notes about things and then once you move on to the questions, that its you can't go back and have to rely on what you remeber fro the case study and what notes you made to answer questions?

Thanks for your help.



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    I failed it last week 686. Yes, you can go back and look at the case study. I personally don't like taking notes as it just confuses me. I am trying to find practice questions for the drag and drop network type questions. I had never seen those type of questions before. I had passed the first five tests taking one a week. Good luck!
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    I failed this one last month with 635, but after going over the transcenders again, i managed to pass it yesterday (28th June 2005) with 726.
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