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I've been lurking in the background for the past few months and I thought it's about time to thank you guys and this forum for all your help and contribution to my certification studies. With techexams, I was able to attain the following certs:

Nov '09 - Network+
Dec '09 - Security+
Jan '10 - MCTS Win 7 Config
Feb '10 - CCENT
Mar '10 - CCNA
Apr '10 - MCP (70-290)
May '10 - MCSA (70-291)

Of all the exams, I find the Microsoft ones difficult, not because of the topic itself but how the questions are worded. It`s probably just me but it feels like they added words to the questions that don`t make sense just to confuse you. For now, I will take a couple of weeks reviewing what I`ve learned and then work on another certification.

My study routine is 2 hours of study on weekdays and around 5 hours on weekends along with my job. I watch CBTs first and then read the book so it's easier to understand. It took me an average of 1 month for each certification as most of the topics I've learned from school already. Self discipline is probably my best asset. So far, I haven`t failed any exam (phew). My near future goals are (1-2 years): CCNA Security, CCSP, CEH, MCITP EA. I`m currently a student working as a Co-Op Service Desk Specialist. I like my job as it`s 30% phone and troubleshooting then 70% administration (setup AD and VPN accounts, grant NTFS permission, setup network printer, GPO etc). It feels more like a Junior Network Admin.

Again, thank you very much for all your help. I will do my best to return the favor to the community. Have a good day.

Got some good news guys and I would like to thank you all again for serving as my inspiration (and challenge) during the past year:

Aug '10 - Graduated from college (while in Co-Op)
Dec '10 - Became a full-time Service Desk Specialist
Jan '11 - Passed CCNA Security (just a couple of hours ago)

I'm now getting paid in the mid 50's (high-end for a tech support here in Toronto) plus bonus which range from 7 to 14% of annual salary and lots of other perks. It feels good to get something back from all the hardwork and dedication. But this isn't the time for me to rest. I'll keep on upgrading my skills to move up the ladder. With everyone's help, I feel closer and closer to achieving my goals.


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