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Dear All,

I passed the 70-291 on the 18th January and stayed on at the testing venue/city for another 10 days and attempted the 293 on the 28th January and failed it with a score 505.
According to my own assessment, I failed because I did not access the Internet during the days I stayed away from my place of work and residence. The exams that I passed (290, 270,291), I did most of the tutorials/demo tests/notes from the websites such as TE, Proprofs, etc. I re-schedule it for 25th February and am currently studying the Microsoft Book, MCSE in a Nutshell, and also the 299 Microsoft Book.
Any advice on how to pass the 293 on the second attempt is well come here.



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    I guess it depends what kind of experience you have with the material. It doesn't seem like you left a big enough gap between the 291 and the 293 - you won't have had enough time to study the material properly and lab up what you can.

    I failed the 293 on my first try, however in the time it took me to re-sit the exam seemed to have an overhaul, the questions were much less lengthy.

    If I were you, I would lab up as much as possible and make sure you are comfortable with the material. The 293 is the hardest exam I have taken so far - harder than the 291 anyway.

    At least you have a decent idea what to expect now, good luck with the re-take.
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    You are just moving too quickly. There are a lot of advanced concepts on the 293 and for it to all make sense, you really need to see it in action. My best advice for you would be to take some more time (I spent a couple months for this test, and about a month each for the previous exams) and set yourself up a lab to tinker with.

    I'm not sure why you are studying the 70-299 book. Sure, there are several things that are going to carry over. But there are also many things that won't. Personally, I would set the 299 down for awhile and focus only on content that is on the 293 exam. Skimming parts of the book won't hurt, but you really don't want to be studying it.

    Good luck
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    My 2 cents is that a lot of the 299 and 298 info does help. I had watched the 298/299 CBTNuggets, TestOut modules, and Transcender. Since the seem to go more in detail, it helped me pass the 293. I do think that Devil is right about moving too fast, give it a month or two and really get a grasp of the material. This isn't a easy test. Good luck on the retake!
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    Thank you all for your comments I will re-take on the 25th of February and hope to be MCSA by then.

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