Vmware Interview Questions

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Hello Everyone,

I know, this is one type of questions most experts don't like it.

But I want throw this question here. I have almost 3 years relevant experience in Vmware environment. Past 1 year I work in performance Team. So my task will be running behind esxtop for performance issues. Performance Team will be considered here as a Level 3 support team. Hence I need to face most of the questions on Network, Storage.

So currently I don't have much idea about how is the interview questions. I understand there are many people who works in vmware here. If possible could you pls provide some questions, so it will be useful for my preparation.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hello, Thulasi,

    I don't know, I never been asked anything in an interview but here are some questions you might get :)
    1. What's the difference between a vSwitch and dsSwitch?
    2. Explain the PSA.
    3. What is VAAI?
    4. What is a SCSI reservation?
    5. What is the best practices regarding network setup.
    etc etc.

    There are about trillion questions they could ask, you if you need to get over some of the highlights regarding vSphere I recommend B3RG - B3RG, he has a great VCP study guide.

    Good luck!
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    Go over the VCP study material VMware PDFs it should prepare you for anything that may be asked.
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    Do you have the VCP? There are free VCP practice exams out there, and VMware even has one, which would give you some practice for an interview. In my experience you may get some stuff like that, but you may also get some probing questions. For example, what to do if a particular VM can't access the network, or what if VMs on a particular host can't access the network.
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    Thanks for the reply. I do have VCP3 & 4.
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    an recruiter will ask about your experience: how have you done one thing, why have you choosed that solution and not another ....
    I don't think that specific questions can be asked in an interview.
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