Passed with 82!

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Sat the exam this morning... I must say that the questions were very vague. If you're proficient in comprehending them, along with using a little common sense + experience - you should have no problem with this test. The testing center that I dealt with, did mention that they heard rumour that COMPTIA may be eliminating the "lifetime" certification model, and going with something that is familiar to Microsoft's current layout (i.e. cert. is good for 3 years). Don't know if it will affect current holders of their certifications or not... but I guess we will have to wait and see. Thanks.


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    Vague? hmmmmm, must be a Comptia exam ... lol
    Unfortunately with generic type exams you do tend to get a certain vagueness.

    Comptia with expiring exams? Nah, would never work icon_rolleyes.gif
    As much as they would LOVE the revenue streams generated by that type of exam they are not that stupid (or are they?). As soon as they started that the number of people taking their exams would shrivel up and die. If one is going to take an exam that needs re-certification one would most certainly lean towards exams that actually have industry wide credibility and have some effexct towards your earning capacity.
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    Congrats! If Comptia is going to make me re-up every few years, they can keep the certs. I don't consider 3 years in still entry level.
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    I agree with you RussS.

    It would make no sense to have an examine like Comptia's that covers a broad catergory of topics have a end of life. I wouldn't consider any new Comptia certs for myself and wouldn't likely recommend anyone else use them either.

    Comptia's certs offer an entry-level of knowledge and open doors to the more specialized industry certs.

    Of course, if they were to lower they fee, perhaps it would make sense. As it stands (in my area) MS tests are $125 and Comptia are $145 each A+, i-Net & NET+ $207; SEC+ $225

    Too expensive for a test that expires (IMO). $125 is a lot, but I cannot see paying $200+ for a 'broad' category test that expires. Specialty areas like CCNA - certainly makes more sense (however, I don't know the going fee on those tests icon_confused.gif ).
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