CHFI Test - Pass

carboncopycarboncopy Member Posts: 259
First of all, the EC-Council website is misleading by saying that the test is 150 questions. The test is only 50 questions. Maybe I got a "special" test?

EC-Council | CHFI (312-49) Exam

This test/course seemed like it aimed more towards incident handling than actual forensics.

Anyways, I think that it wasn't very difficult. I had a lot of trouble trying to read what the logs said because the font was so small. Being familiar with the material covered on CEH helped.

For those who plan on taking it, I would recommend that you know what forensic tools are out there and what they are used for. Also, make sure that you are familiar with your ports, some linux tools, windows "cmd" commands, mobile devices, and tcpdump/snort like log captures.

If I said more than I should have, please delete. Good luck!


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