Why 1760 or 2600xm routers?

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Are there any benefits to learning CME on the windows based 4.x versions, when we're up to Linux CME 7-8.0?

The reason I ask is because I have a few of these routers on hand and I see them recommended all the time on this forum.

Thanks in advance.


  • tha_dubtha_dub Member Posts: 262
    I think you have CME and big guy UCM confused.

    CME and SRST run on routers like the 1760 and 2600xm's. Mainly they are recommended for learning cme because they support cme and they are obsolete so they can be had for cheap from ebay. While I'd certainly like a 2801 loaded with new VIC2's at ten times the price of a 1760/2600 and very little learning benefit it's not going to happen.

    The windows based 4.X and linux you are referring to is the Unified communication manager server based system. I'm just staring to get into that but my understanding is the windows based systems are older and cisco has gone 100% to a linux platform for all new systems so you might as well learn 8.0 on a linux box imho.

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