CEH cert confirmation and question

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Hello guys!
Last monday I passed my ceh exam. Was a tought one, but I reach 92% of right answers. Then, I have a couple of questions...
In all my previous certs, when I passed the exam, I always recieved an email containing all the details and personal data to check for send via traditional mail the certificacion, but EcCouncil didnt.
Is it normal?where the certification is going to be send?Do I have to do something after the exam?
Thank U, and sorry for my english


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    The only thing I got was the sheet that says you passed, and then a few weeks later (about 6) I got the certificate in the mail, which was postmarked Hong Kong. I never got any emails or anything.
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    Thank U Foxer, whats next for you? Cissp maybe? Im thinking this for the next step...
  • -Foxer--Foxer- Member Posts: 151
    Well, I'm working on my masters at WGU currently. When that's done I'd like to go for my CISSP, but that'll be next year at the earliest.
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    Hey foyde,

    I realize this thread is a little old, but, based on your score I wanted to ask you what you thought was the most helpful review/study source for the actual exam. I went through the offical class and have some of the study books, but I always like to poll those who have actually faced the exam.

    Thanks for any comments!
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