free security+ studying material?

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currently I have Tcat ebook, and will be using technotes here and on mcmcse.

Any other place to get free or relatively cheap studying material?


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    Check out the link section on the bottom of
    and make sure you download all the demos from the major practice test providers.

    Also check out the free video about IDS at:
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    I'm not sure how much this differs from the TCAT ebook because it says it was based on it, but it was published in Nov 2004, so maybe?
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    I just found this place too -- don't know how good it is though.
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    Sorry -- I just am an a point in my studies where I am running across these things -
  • bluemasonbluemason Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□ looks good.. I ran through their practice tests in Network+ and there were a few questions where I went huh? :)
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    you can register on There is a lot of documents and power point presentations. Some of these will be out of the scope of Security+ though...they are geared more towards the SSCP and CISSP...but there is still a lot of good information for you.

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