Saturday is the big day

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Ok so I threw down the gauntlet and said enough is enough and scheduled
for the 12th. < Network +>
Hitting consistant in the 90's on transcender. Going to hit the Exam Cram chapter and end of the book testing again tomorrow. Looks like we are going to be snowed in tomorrow in Dallas area so should have the whole day. I'm going to re-visit all the stuff on this site as well. Focusing on Troubleshooting, management tools and docs, and subnetting my weaker areas. I've got protocols/ports/OSI/wireless/cables/distances/topologies/cli/and most everything else in good shape. Off the wall questions well hopefully I'm not one of the unlucky ones. It's a marathon!

After this I've got at the local community college from march15 thru may15 doing 8 hour Saturdays solid for two months <no rest for the weary> on the VMware VCP4 class for Installing, configuring, and something else. That should be a three course meal.



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    Sounds like you will do fine on your Network+ exam. Subnetting really isn't to hard once you wrap your head around the concepts.

    Just remember the last bit in your subnet mask is you network increment, so a very simple example:

    /24 = 255.255.1111 1111.0000 0000 the value of the last bit in this subnet mask is 256 (subtract 2 (broadcast/network) 254 total hosts)

    A variation /23 255.255.1111 1110.0000 0000 the last network bit value is 512 (subtract 2 for broadcast/network) 510 total hosts)

    Understanding this logic helps you answer the subnetting questions (How many hosts, How many networks, Last IP assignable for host, etc).

    The VMware class sounds fun! I would grab some hardware to build your own ESXi server for when the class starts...great way to learn other technology/lab.
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    Good luck on your exam!! :)
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    Thanks for your help! I got the first example but the second one is confusing.

    A variation /23 255.255.1111 1110.0000 0000 the last network bit value is 512 (subtract 2 for broadcast/network) 510 total hosts)

    This is how I calculated please tell me what I've done wrong to figure out how many hosts there are.
    The 1111 1110 = 254 correct? subtract 2 =252 hosts (correct?) instead of 510?

    I'm going to do a little research as to the different types of subnetting questions I might get asked and try to figure the formulas to plugin when asked for instance "how many host are there".

    Also, I am definitely excited about the VMware class and yes I have already started figuring what hardware I need for a server. I've got a dualcore intel I think it's 2.4 that should work. I had tried a while back to VM the box but I found out with Intel you have to have a cpu that is Virtual friendly. Of course wouldn't you know mine was not. So I tried Virtualbox but it didn't work out so I ditched the effort until recently when I decided to look back into it. Now it turns out that I have found that the dualcore cpu I have will work with VMware. So I'm going to get a bigger hard drive and try it again. If that doesn't work I'm moving to AMD which I understand all of their chips are virtual ready.
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    In the above example we are working with class C IP addresses (I should have clarified)

    255.255.1111 1111.0000 0000

    The last 1 value here is a value of 256
    255.255.1111 1(2046) 1(1024) 1(512) 1(256). 0(128 ) 0(64) 0(32) 0(16) 0(8 ) 0(4) 0(2) 0(1)

    So if we remove a bit from the network address space we have less available networks, but more hosts available per network.

    So the value of the last 1 in the second example was:
    255.255.1111 111(512)0(256). 0000 0000

    Does this help? Its not the total value of every bit up to that point, but rather the value the last bit (1) has.

    There are many ways to understand subnetting I just found this method which is taught by Jeremy in CCNA CBT Nuggets the most effective way to understand the can get more complicated with this, but I gave you some easy examples which should be fine for Network+ level questions.
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    Good luck on your exam!
    If I remember right subnetting is barely covered on the exam ( had one or 2 very easy basic questions on mine) so you should be ok.
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    Ibcritn, Wow,that is the first time this really made sense. I have always struggled with the "how many hosts" part of subnetting. I comprende ! thanks! I feel so stupid that the concepts of subnetting I find very confusing. Oh, and thanks to earweed and Dak for the encouragement.
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    You are hitting 90's.

    You got this man!
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    Certz wrote: »
    Ok so I threw down the gauntlet and said enough is enough and scheduled
    for the 12th. < Network +>
    Good Luck on the exam! I'm taking mine on Monday.

    Just out of curiosity, where do you take your exams? I take most of mine at the Prometric on Coit Rd.
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    I'm taking mine in Arlington. This is the first Cert try I've done in 8 yrs.

    I was recently laid off so I figure I better update my resume.
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