VMware Online Academic Store Discounts

JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,877 Admin
This is just to let everyone know that VMware offers student discounts on VMware Workstation 7 (Windows and Linux) and VMware Fusion 3 (Mac) through the VMware Online Academic Store.

Workstation 7.1 is currently $113US and comes with VMware ThinApp Starter Edition. An upgrade to 7 from workstation 5 or 6 is $59US. Both are only available as electronic downloads. This is a better deal than I have seen for any academic discount software offer.

You will need to purchase the discounted products at vmware.com, where you must have a registered account and specify which school you currently attend. You will be able to immediately access your downloads and activation keys. There is no requirement to send proof to VMware that you are actually a student. icon_scratch.gif


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