Significance of Project+ for the Network Admin

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Hello everyone here,

I am new here but i do participate on mcmcse and certcities. I just found this site yesterday and i think it's very helpful.

My question is that does Project+ help in the network admin job. I don't have much idea about this cert. Any info would be very helpful.



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    Work paid for me to take a boot class on this through Horizons but no one told me so I missed it. I'm not to worried about it. I wouldn't go out of your way to take it or pay for it.
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    This is an old post, but. . .

    I'm thinking that the folks who push this exam for Network Admin types are trying to mold them into better "business generalists". . . that is, you can run projects, talk some of the management lingo, etc.

    When Novell added this class to their Master CNE requirements, that thought above is what immediately came to mind.
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    I think this might be one of those certs that falls into the special category of "supplimental". From what I've read about the certification, and what I've heard at tradeshows and from collegues, it's not a certification that stands alone, and could potentially get you a job. What I have heard, though, is that it can be a nice addition to an already-certified persons list of qualifications, in order to move from "IT gruntwork" towards a management or supervisory job role.

    Naturally, being a CompTIA cert, it's definately entry-level and there are other certifications that overshadow it, such as PMP. However, much like just about all of CompTIA's other certs, it's definately not a bad place to start; probably a worthwhile stepping-stone for anyone looking to get into project management.

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