guests Connecting to a proxy

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I dont know if this is the right place to post this. I work for a company but no for their IT department. At the moment we are working from a remote site within our contractor's office. we are using laptops to connect to their sever to provide us with internet access only, so we can logon to our site.

The problem is some users can connect using their proxy but some users can't. the users that can connect will have a pop up box asking them for ther user name and password, but the others that are having problems dont get this message at all.

we have check the security settings within the connection tab to prompt for logon but this doesn't work either.

can you guys give us some more suggestions or help please?

Our IT guys have been on this for months but they dont seem to be able to sort it out, they believe that some policy is blocking the prompt for user name and password box but they don't know what is blocking the box.

can anyone help please? thanks in advance
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