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I haven't had to jump into wireless in years... and figures, my architect just handed me 10 AP's and a 5508 controller to roll out a pilot solution.

I have a base config on the controller, WLAN 1 created, vlan assigned, WPA2/PSK with AES, interface 1 assigned to wlan and vlan, a single AP in the vlan which I can connect to.

I am lost when it comes to the EAP options... which ones require certificates, how to use AD for ldap, etc.

Two questions... is there an EAP option that uses ldap for authentication but doesn't require client side certificates? And what's the best all-around resource for step by step walkthroughs of EAP application?

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    You will probably to give a once-over of your WLAN client devices to make sure they are too old, and also verifying they will support the version of EAP you decide on. (Maybe having your desktop support group update the drivers on the WLAN cards as well, outdated drivers can really hinder a WLAN.)

    Also can't stress enough you should do some type of site survey if this is a new WLAN, sometimes it's not as easy as plugging in a AP and it works.

    EAP-TTLS and PEAP only require server side Certs... It's EAP-TLS that requires both client/server side certs.

    For EAP configuration with Cisco I would google the WLC Configuration guide for you WLC IOS Version.
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