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I have attached a MPLS lab found in the book i studied got few doubts in MPLS.
the configuration looks like this
PE-to-CE BGP-4 Configuration Example
hostname San Jose
interface serial0
description ** interface to FastFoods San Jose **
ip vrf forwarding FastFoods
ip address
interface serial 1
description ** interface to EuroBank San Francisco **
ip vrf forwarding EuroBank
ip address
router bgp 1
no bgp default ipv4-unicast
neighbor remote-as 1
neighbor update-source loopback0
address-family ipv4 vrf EuroBank
neighbor remote-as 65002
neighbor activate
no auto-summary
no synchronization
address-family ipv4 vrf FastFoods
neighbor remote-as 65001
neighbor activate
no auto-summary
no synchronization
address-family vpnv4

neighbor activate
neighbor send-community extended

Here PE-CE configurtaion done using BGP and PE-PE configuration also using MP-BGP.
My doubts
1 ) in book it recently use word VPN-ipv4 address and IPV4 address.
as per my knowledge( am newbiee ) VPN-ipv4 address used at MPLS back bone ( i mean when trasnferring routes between PE-P-PE routers )
am i correct?
2 ) also i know from book that every session VPN-v4 or ip v4 sessions needs to be activated
by neighbor (ip ) activate command
But the the command in blue font have any activate keyword all other sessions have activate keyword why?
i mean
neighbor activate should be there at global config ?
this command is specified below address-family vpnv4 .



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    add redistribute connected under your bgp process to include the vrf links in the bgp routing table. otherwise these links won't be pingable.
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    1. PE-PE you are running Multi Protocol BGP ( MP-BGP) by which you are enhancing BGP to carry VPNV4 routes ( by default BGP only carries IPV4 routes)

    2. You have to activate neighbors on a per address family basis only , not under router bgp process . You can see the address family you are supporting with BGP peers by issuing "show ip bgp neighbor x.x.x.x"
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