Brocade/BCNE anyone?

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I see a lot of certifications talked about on this forum, but not much mention of anything Brocade (was Foundry), or the BCNE. I'm guessing it is not too popular. I use Brocade almost exclusively at my job on the switching side (Cisco for routing), so I have my hands in it pretty often, and, am looking at the certification path.

The first thing I noticed, which is unfortunate, is that there isn't really even any books/documentation out there for Brocade. What is available is the "BCNE in a Nutshell Study Guide" from Brocade's site in .PDF format, and there is also the 1800+ page Configuration Guides available from Brocade's site in .PDF format. That's great if you want to kill 4 reams of paper (2 if you duplex) to have a "book" to reference back to.

This part is interesting to me. I already have my CCNA, so I can eliminate part of the certification requirements through Brocade.
Fast-track BCNE certification is credentials...slash investment
If you are a Cisco CCNA, CNP, or CCIE, you now have a faster way to add another prestigious certification to your portfolio—the Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE). With just eight training hours and a successful exam, you can achieve this highly rewarding certification.
Brocade recognizes that professionals who've acquired CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE credentials are highly proficient in routing and switching protocols. By taking advantage of the new Brocade CNE 250 fast-track course to BCNE certification, you can advance straight to the specific knowledge and credentials to sell, administer, maintain, and troubleshoot networks containing Brocade products.

Beginning August 30, 2010, Brocade fast-track learning can reduce your BCNE time investment by two-thirds, and completely eliminate the exam cost. No travel is required—the live, instructor-led CNE 250 Preparing Cisco Professionals for the Brocade BCNE Exam course is delivered straight to your home or office desktop via Brocade Gold Standard Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).

BCNE certification provides the knowledge and skills to install and maintain IP switching and routing (Layer 2/3) networks containing Brocade products. The CNE 250 course will:
  • Provide an overview of Brocade products
  • Compare the Brocade and Cisco Command Line Interfaces (CLIs)
  • Review BCNE exam highlights, including Layer 1 hardware components; Layer 2/3 switching and routing concepts and protocols; ACL, QoS, and wireless concepts; network security, management, and monitoring topics; and troubleshooting
  • Include simulated labs similar to those covered in the BCNE exam
  • Review relevant topics covered in the ETH 103 Basic Switch/Router Configuration and Management and CNE 200 courses
To help ensure a successful exam, you'll also receive:
  • Time to ask questions and discuss topics with your instructor and peers during VCT presentations
  • PDF copies of presentation materials
  • Unlimited access to simulated labs
  • BCNE Nutshell guide
  • Test preparation suggestions

By helping you transform your career in less time and at lower cost, Brocade keeps you on the fast track to success. This approach aligns with the Brocade One™ Unified Network Strategy, which is designed to help organizations simplify their operations and increase business agility by evolving their IT infrastructures to a highly virtualized, services-on-demand state. Training and certification programs from Brocade will also evolve, helping you stay ahead of the technology curve.
Registration for the CNE 250 course is just $99, and for a limited time you will receive a FREE Certification Promo code when you successfully complete the CNE 250 VCT or WBT course! Click here for details.
QUESTIONS? Contact [email protected] or 1.408.333.5036

Anyways, looking for experiences of anyone who has gone down this path, how useful the Study Guide is, and what advice you might have for passing this exam. I know Brocade is very against using outside-source study materials etc. I'm not looking to get black-listed.icon_silent.gif


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    I'm guessing by the 46 "blank stares" the answer is no.icon_neutral.gif
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    Dave88LX wrote: »
    I'm guessing by the 46 "blank stares" the answer is no.icon_neutral.gif

    I think it is just a case of how many vendors can one support. TE mostly revolves around CompTIA, Microsoft, security and the quickly growing world of virtualization including whatever the "cloud" eventually becomes. For networking the members interest seem to be predominately Cisco with a growing following for Juniper. Juniper started a similar program three years ago which to me Brocade seems to be copying. Of my 6 Juniper certs I think that 4 were absolutely free. $99 is a good deal if I had a reason or were interested, but Cisco and Juniper, not to mention Microsoft, occupy all the study time that I am willing to allocate.

    I found your message very interesting and in fact saved it off into my text database, however it is just that, an interest.

    Oh and many were probably occupied with the annual event called Valentines day, if they knew what was good for them. You may get responses in the coming days. TE also has a very high percentage of lurkers in down below, that read but cannot post. So don't think that you did not at least perform a service because you did.

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    Oh, I didn't mean for my post to come off as asking why there wasn't a Brocade subforum, if that's how it sounded. I agree with you on the Cisco/Juniper thing. I would have no interest in Brocade myself, except that's who won the bid/contract here, so, that's what we have to use, and subsequently, learn.

    On a somewhat related side-note, did you see this article here?
    Brad Reese on Cisco: Brocade BCNE most valuable cert on earth | Network World

    Of course, I don't think my salary will shoot up to that amount, but I find it interesting nonetheless.
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    Brocade will most likely be bought out before the end of the year.
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    Can you elaborate a bit on that? By whom?

    Will this affect the cert? The equipment?

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    Nice price for an L3 switch but I would be checking it out very carefully when it arrives since it looks like it was dropped from a height or someone took a sledge hammer to the rear of it. The cable hangers/handles had some serious damage done to them; that last photo is kind of scary. The sellers definition of slight dent is a jewel.
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    "That'll buff out."icon_lol.gif

    Yeah I noticed that too. I see the green lights on, hopefully they will stay on!
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    Arrived yesterday, pulled the power supply apart and straightened out that back part of it. Should be OK. Haven't had a chance to fire it up yet.
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    so it did buff out then :)
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    Hi Guys,

    I dont know where to post my question, please Dont get me wrong. I am planning for BCNE. I am PG student in networking but do not have experience on that. Presently working in Java/J2EE development from 6 months. I can not afford authorized training cost $3200 USD which is very costly, however I will register for certification and pay $150 USD. how I need to start from beginning? please tell me in detail about reading pdfs, simulators, practice exams and any videos etc. Any help would be great useful for me.

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