New A+ moderator

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I'm pleased to announce that we have a new moderator for the A+ forums.

Her name is Plantwiz and she has been assembling/disassembling computers since the Apple IIe days. The first IBM's she had access to were running DOS 3.0 (and that was just released).

While she has a strong background in horticultre (plants) her plant diagonsis skills extend into the technology field as well. She has built/rebuilt/repaired many different systems in her past twenty-two years of finding out how things computers work. During the past ten years, she has worked more specifically with networks, workstation and server class (small to mid-range) machines.

She is also a moderator at (PeeWeeDan).

Though she's fairly new here a, I'm sure she'll feel right at home.

Please give her a welcome.



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