ITIL Internediate capability module-Online courses

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Hi All,

Can anyone who prepared and passed the ITIL capability modules via the online training providers kindly let me know which is the best one that would help me pass these exams. I am looking for something which has pre recorded videos with an actual instructor explaining the course in detail, books provided, practise exams covered..etc.

classroom training is out of the question for me as my work hours are bit off and i am unable to commit to something for the same time everyday. Something that i can do online at my own pace works better for me.



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    Hi All,
    I need help in choosing the right certification. I am working as an Incident Manager and my boss said that it would good if i'd take up certifications on ITIL. As i am currently working as an Incident Manager, which would be the best option for me. I am not that well versed in the subject.

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    Hi Santana

    Are you ITIL Foundation qualified? If not, this will be your starting point as this is compulsory before you can progress to any higher level courses. You can self-study, train online or take classroom training at this level - if you look at the other threads on this board you'll find lots of useful information.

    Then, you can decide which intermediate training is right for you - based on your current role it could well be the Operational Support and Analysis course. Take a look at the ITIL Official Site ( and you will find lots of information about each course, the syllabus etc.

    If you've got any questions when you've done some reading around, let me know.

    Kind regards

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