OSPF case study - JNCIP-M

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Hi All,

• RID based on lo0 address and reachable via OSPF for all routers.

We must add the lo0 in the OSPF process in every routers right? The sample config in the study guide doesn't do that for r1,r2,r6,r7.


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    On any current version of Junos, yes. But on the version that the book was written on, I think 6.x, no. Before 8.4, or was it 8.5, the loopback interface was automatically put into OSPF, but after then it must be manually put there.

    So I'd recommend putting the loopback interface into OSPF to meet the question's critera now-a-days. :)
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    chongch01chongch01 Member Posts: 41 ■■□□□□□□□□
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