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I just wanted to say something about the tech notes on this site. I've been around here for a few months now and I've read a lot of posts about different people using the tech notes to help them pass their test. I need to say great job to Webmaster and the others who wrote them. They seem to be written in a way people can understand the topics. So many people praise the tech notes for helping them pass. I think that is great!!! I've posted a few questions about ACL's for the CCNA and after reading your tech notes twice icon_lol.gif I can say I feel alot better about the subject than I did with reading the CCNA 2 book and online material. Anyway, good job to everyone who helped make the technotes!!! Your time and effort is great appreciated!!




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    Thanks for the words about the TechNotes Keith! I didn't notice this post earlier, I have a good excuse though: I was writing new TechNotes. :D
    Shadown7 wrote:
    They seem to be written in a way people can understand the topics.
    That is their main purpose indeed. Not just learn a bunch of facts but rather understand them and how they relate to each other.

    I'm going to create a lot more TechNotes this year than I did last year, including several PDF versions. As things get better I hope to be able to invest in other writers to write TechNotes for those exams I'm not eager to write for.

    For anyone interested in finding out how you can speed up things:

    Anyway, thanks again, posts like this keep me motivated to write more :)

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