After a long talk with a Tac Engineer I'm going for it

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Its a TAC engineer I frequently have worked with for a while that englightend me. He jumps on my request when he can and we have solved some insane problem over the past few months since I took this job. Any way to make a long story short. I told him how I spend my weekends trying to rush and knock out this CCVP. He asked if CCIE was in my future and I replied yes and he told me I should just go straight for it. He said with me spending 75 percent of my day doing Tier 3 T/S and the other 25 percent doing designs I'm in good position to go straight for it. He said that's what cisco does for them. They usually go straight to the IE. I'm thinking thats what I"m going to do. The partner where I work at already has enough VP slots filed, so I think I'm in good position to leverage skimping out on the VP and back filling that info as I study for the IE.
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