Virtual Enviroment Monitoring

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I have recently been tasked with finding a suitable monitoring software for our virtual environment. I was wondering what products other are using to monitor their environments and if you can give me any input on the software I've found.

Management Software Identified thus far:

FogLight (Installed and testing)
HP OM (Have not tested yet)
Xangeti (Installed and testing)
NetIQ (Have not tested yet)
Veeam (Installed and testing)
Solarwinds Server and Virtual Profiler (Installed and testing)
VM Alive (Not very impressed with this product)


Real time Statistics and Alarms (ability to be granular with configurations and not locked into canned set of alarms.)
Inside Virtual Machine stats and alarms (low disk space, memory usage)
Integrates with vCenter
Ease of use.
Multi-Tiered Application & Server monitoring
Storage statistics. Latency, IOPS, etc.
Custom Reports
Trending analysis

Nice to Have:

Host and VM Management (ability to make changes in virtual environment without having to open vcenter.)
Enterprise class application…can scale to as large as we need it to. Start small (VM only), but grow it to incorporate physical windows servers and Cisco MDS?
Data Flow analysis
Change Management / Request / Tracking
Blackberry App (ability to manage on a mobile device.)
Agent-less (installing and managing agents on 500+ servers is not something we want to do)
Appliance based
Simplified License Management

Not looking for:

Regurgitation of what vCenter already provides

We are a VMWare shop. 3 vCenter servers clustered, 18 hosts, 4 clusters, 280 vm's, 42tb storage across a stretched SAN.
Currently Studying:
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Administration (VCAP5-DCA) (Passed)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Design (VCAP5-DCD)


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