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Hello all,

Just wondering what your thoughts were concerning the ITIL? Is it worth it exceedingly difficult?

I want to start applying for IT Management positions and was looking at this as a way to demonstrate/quantify my management experience. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Are there any managment type certifications out there that you would recommend?



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    ITIL v3 foundations is where I would start first.
    Don’t pay for a bootcamp rather grab a good studybook / workbook from amazon and work your way through the coursework.
    The foundations is very easy to understand and get through. I did it in about 3 weeks. Additionally if your org already applies some of the ITIL principles then I would suggest using this as a “case study” to help you further understand the ITIL best practices. (And if you notice some things that can be improved upon this may help you advance your career if you open a dialogue with the higher-ups and discuss the areas for improvement from a ITIL perspective)
    In addition to this I would suggest looking into some sort of project certifications too as this will also help in a managerial position.
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    Thanks for the information. All the best to you.

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    Hi Aaron,

    It is a little difficult to advise you without knowing your skills and experience. But here is my 2 cents.

    Yes! Go for ITIL v3 Foundation and as advised by 'mypcrepairguy' above, don't jump into a boot camp or course unless you have to. You can see how I went about it at the

    The left of difficulty depends on your background and experience in this area. If you don't have much then you may find it tough and dry to start with and struggle to understand a few areas. Otherwise it is okay for the Foundation level.

    If you are looking at getting other Management Certifications, seeing you are based in the UK, I suggest you first go for the 'Prince2' instead of PMP. If you were in the US, PMP would be the first choice. Also note PMP is more tougher than Prince2 purely based on the fact that one is a 'Methodolgy' and the other is a 'Body of Knowledge' i.e more vast. Secondly, although justified, the process is also tedious and lengthy for PMP.

    There could be other stuff you could go for, but depends on what your profile/skill is and the area you are targeting.

    Hope that helps.
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