MCSE or Cisco CCNE

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I've been trying to start preparing for my next Cert for a while now and still have not decided on which way to go. I am really into networking and Server management. Should I go for MCSE now or start with Cisco CCNE. Please, help me with any advice that you may all have. If anyone has already done either courses please, help me out with ur experience in this courses and which to start first.



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    First off those 2 are so different that it's hard to really give good advice. I would advise you that if you want to study Server 2003 to just get your MCSA and then later upgrade to Server 2008 certs. The CCNE would actually be pointless unless you want to get the full CCNA as the CCNE by itself would be of no benefit.
    Personally I'm about to complete my MCITP:EA (Server 200icon_cool.gif and then get a CCNA as I think it will benefit me.
    What certs do you already have and what's your experience level?
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    ForeverIT27ForeverIT27 Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I currently have my A+ and N+ and would like to get into MS and start doing some server training. MCSA and or MCSE will be something I would like to get into to boost my server and networking knowledge.
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