Contractor vs County Employment

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I am currently working as a contractor doing desktop support. I make 50k with full benefits and carry a Secret Clearance. I am wondering if I should stick it out as a contractor and hopefully get TS Clearance if I move to a SysAdmin position. I saw this posting today


and wondering if I should apply for it.


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    Since I've been down the contractor road before, you gotta ask yourself a few questions. Although I know that you know getting a TS in the northern DC area is like gold in the way of government type jobs, but you really need to decide if you are happy where you are or not. Getting a TS is a longer process than just a Secret as you already know that. It can take upwards of a year or more to get it.

    You probably also have some restrictions on what you can and can't do in your job right now, which is probably why you are looking elsewhere. You also might want to look at USAJobs.com. There are always jobs in the DC/VA area that plenty of government jobs where you don't have a chance (like GS type jobs) of getting. Agencies like the US Courts, Peace Corps,and many others are a good place to start. Plus with contractors making bank, you may be better off in a government agency rather than local. Lastly, I know there's a freeze on government raises for the next 2 years, so that's something else to keep in mind.

    If you can hold out on getting a TS, and you got a Secret rather quickly, then I'd say stick it out. But if it's that bad, then jump ship.
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