PVDM-12 in 1760

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hi all,

Just thought I'd share this to help you save the same money as me on your CCNA-Voice lab.

The PVDM-12 will work quite happily in a 1760 router! I know all docs will say that it is meant for the NM-2HDV but I have got one working.

I bought a 1760 off ebay to run as a FXS/FXO gateway for my CCNA Voice studies. whilst looking for a PVDM-256-8/12, which were selling for around £100 -£200 (the router was only £20!!) I came across a PVDM-12 being listed as suitable for a 1760 - It was only £10 so I went for it. I thought to myself, "well, if it doesn't work I'll probably get the £10 back by re-listing it on ebay"

It came last week and I fitted it to my router - and to my surprise it gave me 3 DSP resources and my FXO card is now working perfectly connected to my landline :)

Obviously, i wouldn't recommend it in production, but I would have struggled to afford the pvdm-256 so was a treat for me

Not sure if IOS version would affect this, am running a 12.2 IPvoice image

So, as the 1760 supports 2 PVDMs this could give you 6 DSP resources for £20.

CCNA Voice exam tomorrow

Going all out for Voice. Don't worry Data; I'll never forget you
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