cisco 3560 models for INE workbook

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Hi, I've read about INE workbooks. They use, among others, the 3560-24TS-E with EMI-ipservices image.
Now, I saw on sale a 3560-24TS-S.
On the cisco website the key difference between this model and the 3560-24TS-E is the ability of the -E model to run EMI-ipservices ios as opposed to the -S model that runs the SMI-ipbase.
However from what I've read the 3560-24TS-S has the ram and flash necessary to run the ipservices image.
Has anyone tried to run EMI on the 3560-24TS-S? I just wish to use all the qos features of the 3560 needed to do the INE labs.
Let me know


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    The 3560/3750s prior to the "E" series (3560E/3750E) are "filed upgradeable" Don't know about the new "V2s" (just noticed that the last batch of 3560 PoEs that we recieved have "V02" in the part number now). The letter at the end of the part number just states which IOS the platform shipped with. You technically need a valid smartnet and a licence for the software though... but yeah, it should be the same exact hardware.
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    this is something i remember hearing from a colleague a while back but dont know how true it is, iirc 3560's are locked i.e you cant turn and smi into an emi but 3550's arn't (i've converted a couple for my own lab :) ) double check this before buying just to be sure.

    the 3550's are quite usable for lab preperation though i've been using Cisco 360 and the only bits i need to skip are the private VLANs but 3550's on ebay in the uk are about a third of the price of 3560's
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    aldous wrote: »
    iirc 3560's are locked i.e you cant turn and smi into an emi

    The non-"E" models are definitely upgradeable. The E's and above require software activation.
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