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I guess it's not a popular exam, didn't see any posts here about it.... scheduling it for sometime 3 weeks from now.... it's the one thing my teacher knows best, she said everyone in the class should be able to pass it after we finish the book.... is there any reason why no one here is taking it?


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    I had to look it up as I didn't know off-hand what this test on:

    (Exam 70-227): Microsoft® Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

    Probably not real popular because:
    1 - it is for W2K (2003 is the newest track)
    2 - Not a core exam in the 2000 group (210;215;216;217)

    Not a bad exam to take, and if you are qualified for it - go for IT! What is your goal after you complete the 227?
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    70-227 is used to fulfill a requirement for the MCSA/MCSE Security speciality exams on W2k or W2k3 tracks. But, you can substitute Security+ in its place. It is also available to count as an elective on the W2k3 MCSE track.

    See here, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcse/windows2003/

    Not a bad MCP to possess at all.
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    227 is the one my training program told me to take.... once I get enough exams passed that the job recruiter people there refer me to some jobs and I get some offers, I'll look at the ones that'll pay me to go take other tests and everything so I'll be like the teacher have have like 50+ exams passed by the time I'm 30....
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    when they see that I've passed the 227 exam, it won't make me look special unless they have the ISA server from microsoft, but I can show them I know the other servers they have that's capable of the same things because according to my teacher, they all use the same concepts....
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    taking it friday....
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    Best of luck!
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    good luck!
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    I've just passed it...
    65 question , 3 and half hours time...
    I think it was a little hard... so many tricky questions and so many unrelevant information in the questions...

    some notes:
    - only 1 question about H323 gatekeeper.
    - many question about updating from previous version
    - min 4 questions about ports by services and only by their numbers (so you have to know them by heart)
    - many questions regarding 64 Kb dialup lines on Internet for all company icon_lol.gif

    I think this product is a little old,but if you want to be +security you should take it.
    You can find ISA 2004 already on the market but there is no official exam about it (I found somewhere a number: 07-350, but it is not in the exam list).
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    i was lookin for this topic and wondering the same ting isn't it popular......well i took it cause i like the software and wanted something to show for my work in it.......wasn't easy but it was passable :)
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