vCloud Director - anyone here using it ?

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The whole "vShield" concept confuses me somewhat ..
Do you have to configure vShield seperatly or is "all" you have to do is attaching the appliance in vCloud Director when attaching the vCenter ?!?
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    Ive installed this in our test enviroment, testing for a Lab Manager replacement. You can just install the Vshield and not use it for the time being, to look at VCloud Director. Lots to learn on this but it looks as if it will fit our bill for self provisioning of servers for the software developers. but will see. You dont have to add the vshield plug in, just point VCD to it during initial setup.

    Very interesting..... (introduction to linux) hope you get as much joy out of installing it as I did
    nice walk thu here

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    Well my company is 'all over it' and I am pretty much pulled away from other tasks in order to get this test setup working. Tomorrow I will be going through the 4 hour training available through PartnerCentral.

    I just find the lack of documentation shocking. It is such a big product yet there are so little resources. A shame that my company doesn't quite agree to the three day course YET :p
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    Just going through the Partner Central course - looks like you don't interact with the vShield appliance at all but vCloud Director supplies vShield Edge if and when needed.
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