What constitutes "familiarity with basic html" ?

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I have an interview tomorrow for a job I match very well with except for the basic HTML knowledge preference. I know the very very basic things like breaks, paragraph, alignment, bold, etc. Is there anything else I could quickly get up to speed on that would "impress" my interviewer? Interview is tomorrow afternoon so it's crunch time. Thanks!!


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    You could take a quick look through the tutorials on this page: HTML Tutorial

    Who knows what they may consider basic knowledge and it's especially hard to guess without the rest of the job description. To me it means that someone could edit some content that may require some <h1> or <p> tags or change a picture on a site without breaking anything or changing what the CSS does to the layout.
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    I might add that if you don't know what CSS is or what tags are you're not familiar.
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    earweed wrote: »
    I might add that if you don't know what CSS is or what tags are you're not familiar.

    +1 Great point! I'm sure the interviewer will be focusing in on those aspects


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    Thanks guys! It turns out all they want me to be able to do is add links to text and do a little basic formatting. It's a legal analyst position that involves monitoring various sites for market changes, regulatory changes and various SEC filings, and my reports would include a few tags.

    I got called back for a 2nd interview 2 hours after I left the building, after they told me they had additional first round interviews scheduled through next week!
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