Back after a long time

Life happened since I last posted on here and it has been pretty crazy. I acquired my A+ back in August and was wanting to get the trifecta before the end of the year but never got the chance after I lost my job. However, after getting my A.A.S in December, I was fortunate enough to land a job as a Junior Network Admin. Now after getting situated with the job, i'm ready to pursue more certs. I don't think I want to pursue anymore CompTIA certs and want to go the microsoft route. However, I have some questions. I originally wanted to pursue the MCP and MCSA between now and August as I have about 4 years experience with client and server. The Network admin that I work under said that xp would be obsolete by 2014 and that I should go for the MCITP instead for server 2008. I think that is a good idea but I would also like to build a foundation off of the MCSA and then upgrade. Any opinions on what I should do would be appreciated. I will be sitting the 70-270 in the middle of March and the 70-290 at the end of April. icon_study.gif
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