Looks like a failed DC - Best course of Action?

tenroutenrou Member Posts: 108

Looks like one of the DCs has failed on the site that I'm one at the moment, shut it down to move it down a couple of U to make space and it wont boot, keeps failing at the applying computer settings part in Safe Mode, Directory services restore mode and last know good configuration.

I was going to virtualize one of th DCs anyway so I'm pretty happy to just virtualize a new one now and clear up the meta data of the DC manually. I had to do it a couple of years ago when a power surge took a DC out on another role.

I would however like to know why it isn't booting up because it's really annoying me. Can I take it off the network and run a windows repair on it without destroying the event log information? I may also run a system state restore on it after that just so that I have the luxury of being able to dcpromo it to remove it afterwards rather than have to perform a meta data cleanup.

Actually now that I think about it I could break the raid on the OS as it's raid1 and attach the drive as a second drive so that I could get access to the logs that way.

Anyone had to deal with something similar before?

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