router and swithes in network

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hi all
I have designed topology for my univesity network (private WAN) we are using dedicated fiber optic as backbone link switch01 is connected with Router and 5 switches are connected with switch01 via fober optic link. univesity have some campuses that are 15- 25 km away from main campus (sw4 is in campus that is 25 km way from main campus and sw5 is 15 km away).
services over netwok are
videoconferencing, voice over ip
data sharing
videoconferencing can be among the 20- 50 users (presently less than 30).
other user for that network will be 500 to 800
i will higly appreciate some advice from you
I will use cisco product ,which Series of Router do i need and which series of switche are batter for above topology
as traffic goes from Router to switch01 and from switch01 to all 5 switches. which Cisco series switch is batter to use in place of sw01 and which cisco swith i use in other places. what is user may increase up to 1000 and videoconferencing user may incease 60 or 70



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