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Hey Guys,

Just finished a degree in england...which 24 hours of training videos will have taught me all about. I have an MCSE. I have been thinking of the CCIE for a while now but made up my mind to go for it. I am also CCNA certified. I am looking for honest advice. Planning to go india for 4 months for CCIE training at MODERATED

I am not too sure which track to take, R&S( Too many of them now) or Service Provider (Seems less Jobs). Can i really prepare intensively for a CCIE in 4 months? Which track will you suggest? Is the CCIE still the holy grail of computing?

I have gotten all my advice from this forum for 4 years and i hope to get more.

Suggestions highly welcome :D



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    We've had issues with "ccies" from the overseas training camps and won't even consider "ccies" who list their months as a "proctor" at these overseas ****/****/NDA Violation camps. And we tossed a Business Partner who used some of these "ccies" to drive up their billable hours (since most of these ccies are only good for getting the Cisco discount and driving up billable hours).

    I think one of the reasons the number of active CCIEs is dropping is the the graduates of these ****/**** camps (and NDA **** Groups and Lab **** buyers) can't get or keep jobs with their "ccie" and aren't bothering (or can't afford to) **** their re-certification exam.

    The job market is still strong for people who can demonstrate CCIE level skills -- and even better for the people with the skills and the number. But since Cisco has put the hammer down on the rent-a-ccie-number business by limiting the number of contract CCIEs that can be used to fulfill partner requirements, the demand for ccies who only learned the solutions to a few lab exams is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down.
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    Good to hear that Cisco is making progress with the cheaters. CCIE should be reserved for pure experts not people looking for a meal ticket. You can give me any sob history you want but the CCIE can't take social factor in to the equation, everyone needs to do it the right way.
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    I think i stepped on a nerve there. I have no idea what either of you talked about, neither did it answer the question. What i can deduce is that the institute in India is crap and i should concentrate on more years of study an experience to get a CCIE. They also use **** to teach the CCIE.

    I found them out by googling CCIE training centres, that was all.

    How else will you suggest i work towards the CCIE?
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    olufon wrote: »
    How else will you suggest i work towards the CCIE?

    Grab some books and some lab gear and get to work.
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    olufon wrote: »
    i should concentrate on more years of study an experience to get a CCIE.

    Use your CCNA to get a job doing Networking (preferably with Cisco Hardware). Then study and earn the CCNP -- and maybe the CCIP. Hopefully you'll also upgrade you job during this time to gain higher level networking/data center/global enterprise experience.

    If you can find a job with a Cisco Business Partner (or Cisco) -- even better. That could put you on the "fast track" for a CCIE Lab attempt within a year (and you can pick up the CCNP/CCIP along the way).
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