Configuring Juniper Networks Routers (CJNR) Course

Ryan82Ryan82 Member Posts: 428
Taking this course next week in Amsterdam. Anyone else taken it? Really looking forward to it as I have been working with Juniper for about a month now and am enjoying it so far.


  • hoogen82hoogen82 Member Posts: 272
    Honestly.. I don't like that course... I see you have been studying for CCIE... so this isn't going to be a lot informative to you... Also I think there have been new course updates like JIR, JSPX which in my opinion maybe more helpful
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  • Ryan82Ryan82 Member Posts: 428
    Yeah, it will likely be a bit basic but I look at it as a chance to get my hands dirty on some non-production Juniper devices. I'm pretty new to the Juniper world so right now I am just learning how everything translates to that side. Its company paid for so I guess I can't complain. I'll try to do a follow up post with my review.
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