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Hey all, just thought i'd drop a note to say i'm starting my CCNA course in September at a local college (I'm in the UK), its 1 day a week for 3hrs over two years so its a long slog but i'm hoping the benefits will be worth it :) .
My current job is not in the IT field but that is what I ultimately want to do so thought this was a good opportunity for me.
Anyways just thought i'd introduce myself as I'm very impressed by the site and will definately be dropping by again quite regularly.
Hopefully I'll find the CCNA useful for future employment, I have read and studied both the A+ and Network+ but never taken an exam so after I finish CCNA i will do these as a 'backup'

Thx for listening and i'll see you all soon!

Mr Angry!
I just wanna be helped :)


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