I took it today

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Went down to vatterott college gave the guy my voucher and did about 20 practice questions then he sent me to this little room with 2 testing pc's seperated by 2 walls (like how 1st grades use folders so no1 cheats) Anyway I didnt use the board they let you write on I just went and took it. 80 questions took me about 20 or so minutes. A little sad about my grade but a pass is a pass right? :)

I was really nervous my hand were shaking and everything! So being nervous probably made me do really bad as it usually does because I score 80%+ on the MarCraft cd I used and some sites and stuff... Anyway heres the info:

Passing Score: 515
Candidate Score: 556
Pass/Fail: PASS

HEHE!!! I thought there were some hard questions that I had never seen before and a few that I thought could have 2 right answers but oh well! Thanks to this site, mcmcse, MarCraft and my awsome teacher I passed! now onto the OS and Net+ sometime before 2006!

BTW I'm only 16 if tha tmakes any difference (probably not)


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