DL issue

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Hi guys,

I've bumped into this issue at my company, that I've got added into some random DLs and I could see myself as member of them but after a certain amount of time it just vanished and I don't see them nomore on my "member of" page. Noone deleted me nor touched my preferences and this happened to me twice.

Any guess what can be the problem? Can you implement such rules that you cannot be a member for like more than 3 DLS?


PS I'm not really in ms things just maybe you guys have run into something similiar like this


  • AkiiiAkiii Member Posts: 80 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Ahh found out that theres some checkscript which goes through the DL after some time and it checks for the type of the accounts which got newly added, and I believe that I don't have the valid account type for that distribution list
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