Just got me xp certificate

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I got my xp certificate few days ago but it only says a Microsoft Certificate it does not specify xp as passed exam, I don't know how the procedure is but I actualy thought it was suposed to state that I passed the xp exam, because this way I am a MC but nobody knows me as xp certified. Can any one just clerify this for me please.


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    That's probably your MCP certificate, not the certificate for 70-270. I can't imagine it NOT specifying which exam you passed.
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    I have a question. I am new to MS certification and just got MCP(70-271). My question is that does Microsoft sends you certificate for every exam you pass. For example if i pass 70-270 then they will send MCP certificate. If i pass 70-290 then one more MCP certificate? It doesn't make sense to me but i thought i would ask icon_rolleyes.gif
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    From what I understand, you get an MCP certificate for the FIRST MS exam you pass, no others.

    For all certs, you get the certificate for the exam you passed, obviously.
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    /usr is right, you can become an MCP only once, which is when you pass your first Microsoft exam.

    You can print an official transcript online (at the MCP site:
    www.microsoft.com/traincert/mcp/mcpsecure.asp ) that shows exactly which exam you passed. You can also generate a sharing code so others can view it online. Employers are usually more interested in the transcript than the actual certificate.
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    Ok now I understand, I will get my xp certification later, but how long is that going to take and do I need to make any request for it like I did with the MCP.
    Thank you
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