question on controller and HDD?

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Hey raid gurus?

I am starting a project to resize a server raid set
from 1.5 total GBs to like 4-5 GBs..

say you have 6 raid drives and it is raid 6 setup.
can I just xxcopy the data to a usb drive and then
pull the existing drives out and exchange them with
larger drives, create the raid 6 set with 6 larger drives say
1TB each? so that is 1TB x 6 which is what 5 TBs total or is it only 4 TB max in size since it is raid 6? and will the controllers handle the size increase or does it even matte? wasnt sure if controller had a limit?
and any unforseen things I should look for when increasing my data raid sets? any gotchas I am missing:


1. xxcopy all data time stamped, permissions and data to usb drive
2. mark and pull out raid drives alll 6 of them
3. replace the removed drives with 6 1 TB drives
4. create raid 6 set with 6 drives
5. create the D: volumn and format it ntfs
6 xxcopy data from usb back over to new raid set?

is this it or am i limited on controller and 1TB size conflict? just wasnt sure. I do not think so But I dont know everthing ;)
thanks everyone ;)


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