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I am currently working on my Windows 7 certs, as soon as i finish my XP... i know i am late in the game, but i figured why not just get xp out of the way real quick...
anyhow my question: i own a Dell poweredge 2650server.. Why b/c it was cheap on ebay and i figured why not... It has multiple harddrives... so i was wondering if i wanted to build out a lab using that - can someone please help me with some kind of directions - what software do i need...



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    What operating system are you running on the server? My suggestion is you download a copy of virtual box. Then you can go to Microsoft and download the .iso files of windows 7 and use it as a break/fix test center. Heck you can even download a trial of windows server 2008R2 as long as you have a 64bit supported processor if not you should be able to get just server 2008 as a download.

    You can do a lot with Virtual box plus it is not as expensive as VMware.. Seeing how virtual box is free.
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    +1 for Virtual Box. I just finished loading a computer with that for lab practice. How much RAM do you have? With the servers, it helps to have at least 1.5 GB.
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    I did it with VMWare ESXi and 6GB of ram. ESXi has strict hardware requirements, virtualbox would be easier to get up and running. Any labs you do via virtualization will be a little sluggish.

    I got access to some labs here for the 70-640 and 70-646 E-Learning Home but you need an access code. Have to be in the Microsoft IT Academy program. They probably have labs for the 70-680. Probably not a solution for you, but worth mentioning.
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    thanks everyone for there suggestions for a lab - i am probably going to spend a day one saturday and build it out..
    can i download 7 - as a VMware or do i need to buy the software again - i wasnt really looking at buying another copy of it..
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    virtual box or vmware player on top of a basic linux is the best way to go

    i would install ubuntu then vmware player/virtual box . them make vms for windows 7 and windows 2008r2 server

    copy the vms to a new file for backup/fresh install so if you mess one up way to bad you can start over real quick

    load the vms and your ready to go.
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