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I just passed my Network+ today. I scored 673. It's an ok score, I didn't find the exam as easy as people said it is. I went into the exam room think that the exam should be very easy because a lot of people passed.

If you are taking the exam be sure to know your tcp ports and osi model. be prepared for scenario questions too.

thanks guys for all your discussions and encouragements this site. Thanks a million webmaster!!
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    dontecho wrote:
    ...... I went into the exam room think that the exam should be very easy because a lot of people passed.

    Just because the test is easy (or said to be easy) by a lot of people, there is no clear way to determine their actualy experience. NET+ is very easy for someone who has worked with Networks for a few years (plus seen a variety of issues, topologies, components).

    On the other hand, it will be more challenging of an exam for anyone who is new to Networks (i.e. new - less than 3-5 years experience), though not impossible.

    Congratulations on your Pass! :D
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    It was probably easy for me, because I had just finished the Cisco Networking Academy (semesters 1-4). If not for that, it would have been more difficult. However, you still passed so be proud of that fact! icon_wink.gif
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    Took the exam today and passed with 846. I actually found it easier than i thought I would.
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    Congratulations to both of you!
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