70-680 Passed

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I PASSED yea 918! could not believe myself... Thank you to everyone here that has contributed to these forums. The links at the top of this forum are really great help. I used Train Signal Vides, CBT Nugget videos, Sybex 70-680 book (NOT GOOD), Go with Darril Gibson 70-685-686 book. If anything it will help with 70-680. Some tips: LAB LAB LAB LAB. No really though you need to do actual deployments from Server 2008/2008R2 though virtual machines if you can. Some of the question would not have made sense had I not did actual testing. Know things about using Cipher and what you can do with it.
Killermac :)
A+;Net+;XP,MCP, Security+, Win 7: 70-680


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    Congrats man; well earned! Whats next for you?
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    Congrats man; well earned! Whats next for you?
    I am going on to 70-685 or 686 or both.
    Killermac :)
    A+;Net+;XP,MCP, Security+, Win 7: 70-680
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    Good score, congrats! Darril's book is solid for the 685/686.
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    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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    Awesome job. What's next?
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    Darill's book is the **** I am using it for 70-680 why can't there be more I.T books like this? it's clear concise easy to follow no pointless jargon or veering off in hundred different directions a very good read if you are struggling to make sense of the deployment aspect of 70-680 then I would say pick up a copy you will not be disapointed and this is not a sales pitch either lol

    Also on the subject of deployment I am going to be setting up a Domain Controller using 2008 so will be getting hands on with WDS, Just to cover all bases.

    The question I ask is do I need to know about SCCM for the 70-680 exam?

    I'm going to smash this exam no doubt about it
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    I agree that I wish we could see more books like this. It would be nice to see more writers do things that really help people in the long run not just selling books. For me I did not seem anything around SCCM nor would I expect to. Understanding PXE deployments from windows server though would not hurt.
    Killermac :)
    A+;Net+;XP,MCP, Security+, Win 7: 70-680
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    N2IT wrote: »
    Awesome job. What's next?
    I am going to go for 70-685 or 686 or just hammer at both.
    Killermac :)
    A+;Net+;XP,MCP, Security+, Win 7: 70-680
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    Killermac wrote: »
    Sybex 70-680 book (NOT GOOD)

    Frankly, Its is the last Sybex book I am ever buying. I also used a Sybex book for 70-647 and found it terrible and lacking in material.
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    Congrats. What did you use to study?
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    Wow. Excellent score. Congrats!

    Would you mind if I asked you what types of labs you did that helped the most on the exams?

    I've setup my lab at home with Server 2008 R2 and it it just seems like i can do a billion things with SCCM and MDT. Not sure if you passing folks concentrated on a specific proceedure or method.

    Thanks for the help and congrats again!
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