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Hey guys,

At the moment I work in a NOC and have been trying to figure out how to get into Engineering positions where I will actually be able to utilize my knowledge and learn as well. My work in the NOC is mostly monitoring and administrative. Almost feels as if I am babysitting the network and the people that fix it.

I will be working on my CCNP very soon and try for positions then but where I am at the moment, there is no way I will get experience with MPLS, BGP or anything else for that matter. I have gotten books and I have a home lab that I use to beef up my studies but aside from that I am not sure how I should go about making the transition.

What are you thoughts?
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  • EssendonEssendon Member Posts: 4,546 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Start on the CCNP right away and flood the resume all over. Speak with your contacts, jump on LinkedIn and keep learning as much as you possibly can in your current role.
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    Our situation at the NOC was a little different. We are allowed to fix if we know how to fix it. If not, page out the on call person. In any case, I'll share what I did to move out of the NOC.

    While working at NOC, I studied for my NP. Once NP was done, talked to the manager (which he already knew that I had interest in coming over since I've applied before) for volunteering outside my work week, since I had two days off during week days and one weekend off. Found out that it was against the policy to do volunteer work outside employee's work week so I was offered a better one, work once a week during my work week. Did that for about two months and was requested to change it to a full time "volunteer" work - salary was still being charged to the NOC's budget. One guy left the group and I was later on offered the job, but they had to open the position for others because of equal opportunity. Oh yeah, I basically started a trend. People started coming over for "volunteer" work from the NOC as well. One was hired and two more may be hired pretty soon.
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  • Ryuksapple84Ryuksapple84 Member Posts: 183
    Yeah, I would do that and tried but this place does not encourage it at all.
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