Cisco 7204 VXR Problem...

cerberoscerberos Member Posts: 168
Hello everybody,

Found an old Cisco 7204 VXR with NPE-G1 rusting in the company, of course it's a perfect catch, but unfortunatly can't get any console output. Tried almost everything I can, changing the baud rate to different values, but no chance at all.

Console cable is working fine and using Putty as for all cisco access. 9600, 2 Stop bits as cisco states, nada!

Also noticed that when the router boots, all lights on the NPE are on, solid green with no blinks and stays on that situation, even for the 3 gigabit interfaces, is that normal?

Noticed as well 3 jumpers on the NPE, J6, J7 and J14, what these Jumpers are used for? there is a CPU Reset bottom on the NPE, don't know what is it used for and couldn't find any documentation from cisco that mention them as far as I did search.

Any help will be highly appreciated guys :)... Thanks in advance.


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