Ideas for a corp training plan

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Hey all..

I'm currently looking to put together some suggestions for a corporate training plan for our company. Currently we have a fairly generous compensation model for successfully passing certification exams (one time cash bonus depending on difficulty of certification) and the company pays for the cost of the exam itself. Where we lack is in learning and study materials. We have no set plan for this and currently each team is individually purchasing books at the company's expense. The ability to attend a training course is dealt with on a one by one basis.

I'm interested in standardizing how we purchase books, possibly looking at something like OReily Safari Online, exploring CBT options (CBT Nuggets, Train Signal, etc etc) and establishing a procedure for in person training classes. Our firm is just under 100 employees with about 75 of those in technical roles. The training plan would be based largely on the goal of obtaining technical certifications mainly aimed at Microsoft, Cisco, ISC, and ITIL.

I'd be interested in learning if anyone else has tried this type of thing, what the outcome was and what worked and what didn't work.
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