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this site will not help you with your a+, but it will show how much has changed and come on since the ibm-compatible pc came about.

it brought back the memories of my elpina 486vip-based pc, which was the first one i ever built with a new motherboard, a pc which was given to a friend of my wife and recently serviced by me (the pc is used for wordprocessing only, so i guess the owner sees no reason to upgrade).
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    tips and trick and general info. here's the headings:

    Computer clean-up, File management
    BIOS/CMOS, Buying Computers/Shopping Help
    DOS, Installation
    Errors and Crashes, Hard drives
    Disk Defragmenter, Reinstall and reformat a hard drive
    Internet/Web, Memory/RAM/Cache
    E-mail, Monitors and Video Technology
    Modems, Network
    Motherboards and processors, Scanners
    Printers, Sound cards and files
    Software, Upgrading Windows
    System clock, USB
    Viruses and Security, Mouse
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